FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Recipt not being found within your email:

If you have not received an email from your order please check your spam folder
If you cannot find it there:
       You can login as a member and check you orders from that page.
       If your not a member can you join by selecting the HOME dropdown and clicking on Member Signup.
       If going through the member area is not possible - then please email info@americas911foundation.org

Ride Questions:

       There are no Refunds
       Questions or concerns email Lisa@americas911foundation.org
       Yes, we have breakdown crews that will pick you up if you break down.
       No they are mechanics, we will do the best we can to get you back on the road or to a repair shop.
       Understand they are all VOLUNTEERS!
       Number one is get your ride in Riding Order: get it checked out before the ride!
       This means, tires checked and replaced if needed, oil changed, brakes checked, etc.,.


Want to Ride Up Front - Raise Sponsorship money and achieve the position just behind the escorts.

Mechandise Questions:

       please email Joyce@americas911foundation.org

College Scholarship Questions:

       Please dont ask for an extention.
       If you or your parent(s) (either parent) is and active duty First Responder you qualify
       If you change schools just update the information within you application
       For more information visit the foundation's FAQ's page located at