General Ride Information


1. Introduction:
America's 911 Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization with Federal Tax ID 42-1573312. The foundation was established in 2003 after two successful rides and the participants desire to continue and grow the effort.  The foundations goals are to support those who answer the 911 call and NEVER FORGET SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.

2. Memorial Motorcycle Ride Details:
All bikes welcome: sport bikes, foreign bikes, domestic bikes, trikes, side cars, choppers, home-made bikes, and anything that would require a DOT Motorcycle license.

3. TBD
Join us in paying tribute to the Heores from September 11, 2001.
This commemorative Motorcycle Ride is in Remembrance of those who served, protected, lost their lives, and to the volunteers who lost their lives that tragic day. The foundation actively supports those who put their lives on the line for each of us every day.  So far the foundation has presented scholarships to children of First Responders totaling more than $420,000.  The foundation has donated additionally more than $530,000 to First Responders Departments and their families.  Each year we present 15 - $2,000 college scholarships will be awarded to family members of active First Responders.  General Donations can be directly made to this fund. The foundation has presented 17 brand new police Harley-Davidson Motorcycles to escorting departments.

4. Donations scheduled for this year
The foundations will be making the following donations:
  - Announcing those who received the 15 - $2,000 college scholarships.

4.1. Donation Address
America's 911 Foundation, Inc.
13630 Barnhouse Place
Leesburg Virginia 20176-5460
(703)771-0118 or toll free (877)771-0118
(703)771-3959 (fax)

5. How to Participate
Participation in this motorcycle ride requires a registration fee. This pays for the escorts rooms, breakdpwn crews rooms and funds the college scholarships. This is a charity event. Please obtain a sponsorship page and get your family and friends to help you achieve to ride for free, get a custom Yeti rambler, and even get your hotel rooms paid for! Again this is a charity event and we cannot do this without your support.

5.1. Registration
To register for the ride click on the registration link and register online or click here.  After you register and your payment has been processed you will receive an email notification. Registration Certificates are typically sent out August 7-9.  Please bring this with you for a faster registration, if you do not have your registration, not to worry we will look you up on the master list.

If you desire to do an offline registration you may do so by clicking (coming soon). This will pop up a window where you can print the form and either fax it in or place it the general mail.

Don’t forget to get your sponsorships, you could ride for free and get rewards. 

If your employer supports matching donations, please keep the Foundation in mind.

5.1.1. Escorting Officer Registration
If you are an escorting officer you need to register at the same registration link then click on "escorting police officer registration".   You must attend on a POLICE MOTORCYCLE and in uniform.  Officers who support this event have their registrations waived and hotel accommodations are provided for them (two officers per room)


5.1.2. General Registrationn
If you are a civilian you need to register at the same registration link then click on "General Registration". Solo riders pay a registration fee additional passenger pays and additional registration fee.  This year's ride is limited to the first 600 bikes.  We highly encourage participants to register now, once we achieve this number we will not allow others to join.  We must also have accounting for the correct amounts of food and notify the jurisdictions about the size of the group.  You must have a Valid Motorcycle License to participate and a helmet must be worn during the entire ride.  Full refunds are available until the last week of July.  Selling your registration is unacceptable. 

Don't forget to purchase an America's 9/11 Ride T-shirt or America's 9/11 Ride Polo shirt among other merchandise by clicking the "Merchandise" link

Hotel rooms will sell out.  Check out the "Hotels" link for hotel information.

5.2. Logistics
The next step is to look at the "contacts" list and the directions (coming soon) to find a nearby starting location to ride to Somerset, PA or meet the group in Somerset, PA. Contacts are also available if you are participating in only DC or NYC.

Check out the "Itinerary" to see what and when events will be happening this year. Hotel reservations can be made at the three locations and the hotels in the area can be found at the "Hotels" link.

Check out the information on the "To Do List" to prepare yourself and your bike for the ride.

6. Foundation MISSION Statement
This is the foundation statement we believe, uphold, and follow.

Never Forget!

Supporting Those Who Protect US All
God bless you and God bless America!

13630 Barnhouse Place
Leesburg, VA  20176