Photos below capture the ride  

Heading to Somerset   Somerset  Somerset-II   To Hagerstown MD  Hagerstown

To Leesburg VA  Leesburg  To Arlington  Arlington 

 Pentagon  to Maryland House  Maryland House  To Mikes    Mikes

To Linden   Linden  TO NYC   NYC-1   NYC-2   NYC-3

NYC4  NYC-5  NYC-6  OPP (Sunday)

Pictures from all 5 years of riding (click here)

Traveling down the BWPKWY

Wounded Soliders from Walter Reed who traveled with the ride from Pentagon to World Trade Center

Lisa Sjurseth, Vice President and Soliders: Robert "Bert" Huegel, Bryant Jacobs

From the Painters Heart

Chopper with Walter Reed Solider Robert "Bert" Huegel

Chopper with Solider Bryant Jacobs

Chopper's new owner on FOX news Sunday morning Anchor sitting on the Chopper

Ladder 10 w/Cuyahoga Community College Police

Next 4 pictures are the OPP flag presentation