To Do List


1. Pre-Register for this years ride by sending in your registration application. It will be entirely impossible to pre-register 80% of the expected riders during July.


2. Reserve Hotel Rooms (Somerset, NYC, DC) ALWAYS tell hotels "I am with the America's 9/11 motorcycle Ride"


3. Join the email news letter off the home page


4. Contact your area POC for ride departure times and locations


5. Service your bike more then a week before the ride so that you can check it out before the ride:  Verify: oil change, transmission oil change, inspect tread wear, belts and/or chains, spark plugs, spark plug wires, air cleaner, clutch and fluids, all cables, etc.  Check for fluid leaks worn cable.  In 2007 we picked up more then 25 broken down bikes, most with simple problems. (Battery problems, Tires, fluid leaks)


Condition: tread depth, wear, weathering, evenly seated no bulges or embedded objects

Air pressure - check when cold and adjust to load/speed rating


Spokes: bent, broken, missing, tension, loose

Cast: even, not bent or warped, no cracks

Rims: round/true, if out by more than 5mm replace

check - spin wheel against a stationary pointer

Bearings: grab top and bottom of tire and flex: no free play (clicks) between hub and axle and no growl when spun

Seals: not cracked, cut, torn, no excessive grease on outside, not reddish brown on outside



Condition: not broken, bent, cracked, mounts tight

Pivots: lubricated


Condition: no fraying, kinks

lubrication - ends and length

Routing: no interference or pulling at steering head or at suspension; no sharp angles; wire looms in place


Condition: no cuts, cracks, leaks, bulges, chafing, deterioration

Routing: no interference or pulling at steering head or at suspension; no sharp angles; wire looms in place


Operation: moves freely, snaps closed, no revving



Condition: terminals clean and bright, fluid level, strapped in place

Vent tube: not kinked, routed properly, not plugged up


Condition: not cracked, broken, no condensation inside, securely mounted


Condition: not cracked, broken, securely mounted


Condition: no fraying, chafing, in tact insulation

Routing: not pinched, no interference or pulling at steering head or at suspension; no sharp angles; wire looms in place

Connections: tight and clean

Head Lamp

Condition: no cracks in glass; reflector clean and silvered; solid mounting; adjuster works

Aim - height, right/left



Engine: check warm on centerstand

Hypoid Gear: transmission, drive shaft

Hydraulic Fluid: brakes and reservoir, clutch

Coolant: check cold in reservoir and/or recovery tank

Fuel: look in tank or rely on gauge


Engine: gaskets, housings, seals

Hypoid Gear: gaskets, seals, breathers

Hydraulic Fluid: hoses, master cylinder, calipers

Coolant: radiator, hoses, tank

Fuel: lines, caps, carbs



Condition: no cracks at gussets; accessory mounts secure; no paint lifting, peeling

Steering Head Bearings

Condition: no detent or tight spots on full travel

check - forks for play by raising front wheel and push/pull

Swingarm Bushings/Bearings

Condition: no play

check by raising wheel and push/pull


Forks: smooth travel, equal air pressure if anti-dive

Shocks: smooth travel, equal air pressure pre-load or equal damping settings; linkage moves freely with adequate lubrication


Tension: check at tightest point, set to specs

Lubrication: (chain only) check side plates when hot

Sprockets: securely mounted; teeth are not hooked


Threaded: tight; no missing bolts or nuts

Clips: none broken or missing

Cotter Pins: all in place; none broken



Condition: no cracks; not bent

Retention: springs in place; stays up firmly


Condition: no cracks; not bent

safety cut-off switch operates

Retention: springs in place; stays up firmly


6. Print this years Itinerary (Check the main link page in June)


7. Read Road Rules page